Asian Art Archive interviews Poklong Anading

AAA spoke to artist Poklong Anading – winner of the 2008 Ateneo Art Awards in the Philippines – about the art scene and the creative community in Manila, and his experiences at various alternative art spaces in the Hong Kong ……

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Poklong Anading / Tattooed Heart

Poklong Anading
Tattooed Heart
7 February – 5 March 2009

Tattooed Heart, agitates the hackneyed symbolisms of tattoo and heart. Moving on with the pass? inklings of the tattooed heart, and through doting questions to begin an end of punctures and likes. Poklong Anading goes into questioning tattoo and heart as processes of art making – its permanence and the meandering channels of skills and aesthetics.

Anading progresses his works for this series delving into rhetorics on the tradition of tattoo, dating back from the primeval epoch of seeing things through drawing, marking walls as remnants of memories and documenting things as believed and seen to be there, whereas tattoo evolves through time, from skills and aesthetics intervened through drawing techniques, still such figures, some texts and symbols, remain permanent, on the medium, skin as such. While the heart, for Anading talks about the disfigured leanings of heart as an abstract object putting emotions aside.

How abstract can permanence be? Anading stresses his point into his questions on drawing as a permanent thing to document the actuality of objects, capturing precise and fixed moments, and the heart in itself is an abstraction – that it never was the shape of the heart as it is known and believed, trapped there somewhere, in this kind of trap for the artist, is the willingness of the artist’s hand to accomplish an art through his techniques and skill, and not driven by hormonal emotions and psychosis.

The artist mends the faults and folds of the tracing paper being its fixed and final medium, without transfers, at the same time trapping actual shapes and applying actual color – exploring the whole fault line to test his capabilities of keeping the photograpic reality and actuality of capturing what is believed to be presently folding and crumpling. The method imposed on is illogical to use the mind and heart on the process, Anading delves into the random selection of the hand itself – its skill, capabilities, and acquired technique of rendering things into their destinations.

Crumpled things, what is believed to be such is a rejection, a disliked work, yet, a beginning to this end works for Anading. Pieces of thrown-aways can inevitably sever the formal art. We are still left in rhetoric.

Tattooed Heart will be on view until March 5.

Mag:net Gallery is located at 335 Agcor Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For details or inquiries, contact the gallery at 929-31-91 or email or visit

Poklong Anading
Poklong Anading