Roderick Tijing “The Return of the King” show

Roderick Tijing - The return of the king
NOVA Gallery presents – Bacolod based artist Roderick Tijing in “The Return of the King” | March 28, 2014 | FRIDAY | 6pm

Bacolod based artist Roderick Tijing expresses his sense of returning to his roots as a painter.
The title “The Return of the King” represents Roderick’s newest take on his painting exploration. Here is what he has to say:

“The ‘King’ represents the people or anyone who leads his people may it be a General in the frontline, an artist, a musician, politician, a church leader, a cowboy, a farmer, a player, a philanthropist or anyone who was away for awhile and now has return to lead or to resume the things they do best. In this case for me, as an artist, i am returning to my old form, my old style that I love; landscapes or painting scenes but with a twist now as i developed through time, with my own characters.”
Roderick further explains that his inspiration was drawn from his trips to Europe as he ventured through many of Switzerland’s castles and landscapes. The many stories he picked up during his travel inspired him to read about the life of former Kings and Queens and to know more about the ways of their livelihood during their reign. His thoughts have converted his imagination to add his twist of characters and situations that only Roderick can perceive. A parade-like instance of vivid scenery and whimsical plots gives Roderick his own interpretation

of what artists can conspire.

“The Return of the King” will introduce viewers to a new twist in Bacolod’s arts guild as the show opens on March 28 (Friday) at 6PM. The exhibit will be held at .

Exhibit will run from March 28 to April 18, 2014.
NOVA Gallery
Warehouse 12 A
La fuerza Plaza Compund
Chino Roces Ave. Makati City
+632 392 7797

“Articulating Structures and Medium”

A group show at Nova Gallery Manila called “Articulating Structures and medium” with artists Joe Bautista, Junyee, Pandy Aviado, Red Mansueto, and the Syjuco Family (Cesare Syjuco, Jean-Marie Syjuco, Beatrix Syjuco, Micheline Syjuco, and Maxine Syjuco).

The exhibition will open this 15 April, Friday



Maxine Syjuco's works
detail of “Homage to the Queen of Hearts” – by Maxine Syjuco


Pandy Aviado's work
“Homenaje a Sanchez Cotan” by Pandy Aviado


JeanMarieSyjuco's work
Kite Series by JeanMarieSyjuco


Junyee's work
“Starry Starry Night Squared” by Junyee


Trix Syjuco's work
“Stills from The Pillowing Thieves” by Trix


Red Mansueto's work
“Summer” by Red Mansueto


Cesare Syjuco's work
“Tricks the Angler at his Game”by CesareSyjuco


Joe Bautista's work
“Visions” by Joe Bautista


“Articulating Structures and Medium”
A Group Exhibition
This exhibition is about interchanging views of each other’s latest artistic output concerning
“New Art” using the different kinds of medium outside of the tradition. We would like to show
each of our interpretations on the structural aspect of the visual art with the use of the mixed
media aspect, photography, light, volume, conceptual in installation art and even in performance.
There might also be music to go with the whole ambience

Artists Junyee, Joe Bautista, Pandy Aviado, Red Mansueto and the Syjuco family
presents a multitude of art forms in their upcoming show “Articulating Structures and Medium”.
Included in the show are artworks ranging from wall-bound paintings, three-dimensional
installations, sculptures, videos, mixed media, and performances. These works, diverse they may
seem, works hand in hand in presenting new grounds, thus becoming significant portions of the
entire show in truly articulating structure and medium.
The exhibit runs from 15 April to 6 May 2011 at NOVA Gallery, Warehouse 12A, La
Fuerza Compound, 2241 Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City.

Musical Chairs, a political satire A one-man show by Dennis Ascalon

Artist Dennis francis Ascalon artistically documents the recent National Election

through his new show, Musical Chairs, a political satire. The show is the artist’s own

commentaries and opinions regarding the socio-political condition in the country and

how its twists and turns actually makes it ridiculous.

The show mirrors the existing political

condition in the country. His works revolve around the playing field and the courses the

government takes before, during and after the electoral process, thus, discussing its

biases, double dealings and deceitful facades.

The exhibit runs from 4 June to 24 June 2010 at NOVA Gallery, Warehouse 12A,

La Fuerza Compound, 2241 Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City.

For more information call 392-7797 or send an electronic mail to


A Discourse on Bad Taste and Guilty Pleasures / Argie Bandoy Artist


Artist Argie Bandoy opens a new window in his new collection “A discourse on bad taste and

guilty pleasures”. He creates a perspective wherein the image and signification are far from each other.

He positions them where one can never meet the other – where recall and memory cannot in any way act

as bridge to bring them closer, together.

argiebandoy002Travel in a dimension where images are independent of meaning – where memory, recall and

nostalgia do not lead to resonance and wonder. It is where the association between the image and meaning

are blurred and broken. It is where the painting can no more and no less be read as is – a field of lines and


The exhibit runs from 5 March to 25 March 2010 at NOVA Gallery, Warehouse 10A, La Fuerza

Compound, 2241 Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City.

For more information call 392-7797 or send an electronic mail to

New Drawings by Romeo Lee and Victor Balanon

New Drawings

An exhibition of new drawings by Romeo Lee and Victor Balanon

Opening on March 19 2010, 6:00 p.m.
Exhibition runs from March 29 until April 23 2010

Nova Gallery
Warehouse 12 A La Fuerza Plaza Compound 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue Makati City Philippines 1200
+ 63 02 3927797 09228006927