Swing / Jigger Cruz’s first solo exhibition

2 February 2009
Blanc Art Space Makati

Stimulated by the idea of repetitive motions, of the rollicking movement of back and forth and back and forth, Swing, Jigger Cruz’s first solo exhibition, revolves around geometric translations of rhythmic swaying gestures. The works, a scuffle of textures and forms that situate well within similar past works of Cruz, are born from his exercises of the composition of cyclical gesticulations.

Cruz paints an assemblage of recognizable objects and obscure shapes which interlace, envelope and unfurl within one another. Simultaneously tempered and fueled by scientific-based inspired titles, elements such as satellite disks, bicycle wheels, coiling striped horns and sprays of particles are within these shuffling vortexes of the nonsensical. The focus, aided by a fairly subdued palette, turns to configuration which leads the lingering visual experience into its stormy yet measured rocking. Yet like the childhood playground favorite the exhibition name alludes to, the paintings are fittingly done in a sport and spirit of frolic by which viewers’ roving eyes can take in coy pleasure.

– Clarissa Chikiamco

Swing will open on Monday, 6PM, February 2, 2009 at blanc makati. blanc is located at Crown Tower 107 H.V. dela Costa St. Salcedo Village, Makati City. For more information please call or sms 752-0032/0920-9276436 , email info@blanc.ph or visit www.blanc.ph and www.blancartspace.multiply.com