Elmer Roslin – Lustfoolshow

Lustfoolshow: Elmer Roslin’s orgiastic conglomerations of pensive disproportioned bodies tease us to scrutinize this Theater of the Absurd, arresting the viewers in a state of voyeuristic euphoria. These scenes of post-Boschian debauchery- seemingly peculiar, in fact, reenact socio-political satires and comedies of manners not unfamiliar in our contemporary setting.

The gods are at play here- with the little people emerging from their heads and torsos; disengaged characters of thoughts and habits occupy every nook and cranny of the theater stage, separated into clumps or merging into a swarm with those basal dwellers that we have once consumed and have become part of us; some remain in their anthropomorphic lodgings- peering through the suffocating, intermingled somnambulistic figures going about their salient activities. Roslin has drawn out his dramatis personae from the animated models that perform for him in his daily surveillance of social interactions. This is not purgatory, but the artist’s own adaptation of the human condition.

Lustfoolshow will run from March 10 until the 31st at Artinformal: 277 Connecticut St., Greenhils East, Mandaluyong. For inquiries: 63(2) 7258518, sms 0918.899.2698 or visit www.artinformal.com.

Elmer Roslin – Nowhere man at Blueline Gallery

nowhere man
opens march 14, saturday @ 5pm, blueline gallery

march 14 – april 03, 2009
4th fl. rustans makati, makati city
tel.8133739 loc.260 / 09175347835; bluelinegallery@gmail.com