Solo exhibition of CJ Tañedo entitled “COMPULSION” at Tala Gallery opens on July 12, 2009 at 7PM

Compulsion (/com·pul·sion/ |k?m p?l sh?n|, derivative of compellere, “to urge” in Latin): the state or action of forcing or being forced to do an act against the will and as an overwhelming recurring innate impulse to behave in a certain manner opposed to the preference of the individual.

The impetus for this exhibition, entitled “Compulsion,” is the seeming contradiction embodied in the fundamental meaning of the word itself. In this one-man show, CJ Tañedo invites us to trudge through a surreal universe illuminated by the artist’s recent works. As is characteristic of most of Tañedo’s oeuvre, the paintings in this exhibition are infused with a strongly yet subtly ambiguous atmosphere, evoking deeply-conflicting sentiments and emotions.

Opening reception for “Compulsion” is on Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 7 p.m. at Tala Gallery, 100 Scout De Guia Street, Quezon City. The exhibition runs through August 3, 2009.

A two man exhibition by CJ Tanedo and Tyago Almario BABYLON ZOO Tour

A two man exhibition by CJ Tanedo and Tyago Almario

Unmasking the Dark-Beastly-Spirits of the Existing Great Babylon

Touring galleries this season

Ogle at this menagerie of an unusual animal kingdom speciating into
conspirators, turncoats and hoax-faced brute beasts; a kingdom
inconspicuously co-existing with man yet unnoticed by centuries of
generations. Reigning and dominating in a devastating and pompous
stampede but still only a few notices as they trample and roam the
earths. These natural brute beasts hungrily devour people, leaving
them as eating, drinking, breathing and hollow carcasses still
oblivious of their existence.
Babylon Zoo will open on Monday, 6PM, May 4, 2009 at blanc makati.
blanc is located at Crown Tower 107 H.V. dela Costa St. Salcedo
Village, Makati City. For more information please call or sms
752-0032/0920-9276436 , email info@blanc.ph or visit www.blanc.ph