“You’re nothing but an overrated, trying-hard Hong Kong art rat!”


Manila art show“You’re nothing but an overrated, trying-hard Hong Kong art rat!”
~ from “Painting na Walang Ningning”

May 21 Saturday 6pm
Featuring the works of Arnel Agawin, Jun Cambel, Justo Cascante, Ben Guia, Heidi Rodriguez, Manuel Rubio, and Bobit Segismundo

“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music.”, says Walter Pater. Artists, in this sense, conducts themselves like musicians. They create solo but would very much enjoy the fertile ground of collaborative work with fellow artists, much like in a band play. Individual works can morph into the layers of a much grander ouevre, yet remain enhanced and with added integrity back on its own. I am looking through a rose-tinted glasses. And this is how I chose to view this diverse group of multi-talented individuals— proud but unabsorbed of their mastery of their art—artists I play music visually with.

A rather fragmented descriptions:
The artists showing their works for this exhibition share many things in common; They expatriated themselves to Hong Kong’s creative market, have substantial art education, highly-skilled technically and a proud neo-native Filipinos. They are the core organisers of the first art collective of Filipinos in HK that grew organically. Starting as a ragtag group of Creative Professionals, they push forward their proficiency on the medium and methods of the finer visual arts and earned a lot respect. Being long-time residents of that ultra-modern and cosmopolitan city, they share the usual ups and downs drama of transplanted life, xenophobia, cultural isolation, emotional fatigue, financial drain and other forms of coping. But there is also the collective memories of career triumphs, intellectual jousts and silly spats, liquor joys, communal art projects and playing the occasional champion and token flag wavers for their country’s rich cultural heritage. In local HK-Filipino society, they are the darlings of culturati and art patrons (I just bit my tongue). They typify the inconspicuous segment of the creative community (other than musicians) but are rather ambivalent about their anonymity. Photographers, designers, wine connoisseurs, transients &travellers, architects, traders, vegetarians, mountain maidens, media people, martial artists, political & religious pundits… all artists, this is who they are.

Their works promise to reflect the nuances of a life lived in transit and the search for meaning that calls for it. Meaning, the attempt to translate into images and other semiotic flirtations is expected given that these artists are well-versed in the manipulations of visual elements and influencing perceptions. They can make their works dialogue with the viewer, or so they claim. So let’s not preempt the treat promised and be present in celebrating the curiosity aroused by this group of dreamers dropping by… lest I be tempted to waste wind with some postmodern obscurations. Are we going to get rewarded with some real worthwhile, aesthetically enlightening exchange? Or are they just… nothing but an overrated, trying-hard Hong Kong art rats?

– Alamitad del Camino

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