Art Republik (Siblings in Art) trailer

Its going to be a tv show , coming soon at Philippine TV

See more info by following the link.


Filipinos value the family. For the pilot episode, Art Republik features two families involved in the fields of independent film and the visual arts. The show features two sets of siblings who are polar opposites as punk is to classical music: the

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Lee Brothers and the Dalena sisters. Roxlee, the hero of underground cinema; Romeo Lee commonly known as Lee, University of the Philippines-Diliman icon and visual artist/performer; multi-awarded filmmaker Sari Lluch Dalena; visual artist Aba Lluch Dalena and; filmmaker/visual artist Kiri Lluch Dalena.

Siblings who are usually exposed to the same interests when they were young pursue the same vocation. Is it the case of the younger sibling following the steps of their parents or the lead of an elder sibling? The show talks to Roxlee, Lee, Sari, Aba and Kiri, and finds out the common activities they engaged in when they were young, their home environment, and their relationship to each other then and now.

ARt republik

Christopher Malabag’s Manuscript – “Ulobeto”

I recieved n email from Christoper Malabag about his manuscript that he wanted to post at and he send me the full manuscript and some original drawings . Its called ULOBETO , alphabet translated into handrawn  heads , He did a lot of hardwork on this project.

Im going to read all the contents and will post the manuscript for all to see , of course with the consent of Christopher. So please come back soon for more updates.

Bobi Valenzuela remembers

Bobi Valenzuela was one of the influential curator of Philippine Art since 1970 ‘s……

Bobi Valenzuela died of a heart stroke last December 12, 2008.

Bobi   was one of the influential curator of Philippine Art since as early as  1970 ‘s , It was just a one jeepney ride from my home to where Bobi spends his  day at Hiraya Gallery , that was the time I just finished my Fine Arts degree at the Philippine Women’s University.  Words are not enough to describe Bobi , same as he has so much to say about me and my works but I can say that I was one of the artist who kept some of the memories of Bobi  . It was the time that Noel Cuizon, Joel Alonday, Raymond Maliwat, Joey Cabangis, Dindo Peralta, Zeus Inocencio and me will have an afternoon coffee with Bobi just to hang around and eventually at the end we had a series of group show around the galleries in Manila.

Bobi  we owe u one !  Thanks for all the direction and guidance!

Read more about Bobi at

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