Development of Modern Theater and Its Performances


After the heyday of the Greek and Roman arts theaters in various countries such as Italy, Germany, Norway, Russia, England, and America. Modern Theater has a variety of complex functions, from entertainment functions to as a facility for players to convey moral messages and also education. Examples of the modern theatrical theater include: Opera This … Read moreDevelopment of Modern Theater and Its Performances

Things That You Can Find In Philippines. Including IDN Live Game

Philippine culture is a blend of the native traditions of the local people with the traditions introduced in the colonial era. However, whether native to Filipino origin or who are influenced by foreigners, some cultures have been regarded as typical Filipino cultures. Next, we present “very” Filipino cultures.

Philippine culture is a blend of the native traditions of the local people with the traditions introduced in the colonial era. However, whether native to Filipino origin or who are influenced by foreigners, some cultures have been regarded as typical Filipino cultures. Next, we present “very” Filipino cultures.

Online Lottery IDN Live Game

Even though the IDN Live Game site based from its neighborhood country, Indonesia, local from Philippines still enjoy their lottery game moment at internet cafe and playing it nonstop. It is their culture to believe gambling can increase their luck in their daily life.


This vehicle, called “Street King,” is a popular icon of Philippine tourism because Jeepney only exists in the Philippines! Considered the most widely used public vehicle in the country, the Jeepney was actually made from a US military Jeep car used in World War II.


Mindoro Tamaraw or dwarf buffalo is the only endemic cow in the Philippines. The Philippine government says that about 10,000 tamaraws lived in Mindoro in the early 1900s, but for some reason, the species has been declared endangered since 2000.


This famous Filipino dessert, whose name literally means “mix”, is made by placing candied fruit and nuts on shaved ice or sometimes ice cream. Food which is the most popular method in the Philippines to fight the sun has been known to foreign countries.


The name describes the food itself. “Dinuguan” which means “bloody” is a pork stew cooked with blood. Food that was originally only cooked by underprivileged people, because it uses ingredients that are not in line with expensive food menus, is now even served in the most lavish Filipino food offerings.


Food considered by Filipinos as a typical food of Kapampangans residents, sisig is a crunchy and savory food made from ears, face, liver, and sometimes pork belly. These parts are traditionally boiled, roasted, and burned, giving a delicious smoke. This meat is usually covered with calamansi seasoning, and in the modern version, it uses mayonnaise.

Black Nazarene

Loyalty to the figure of Jesus bearing the cross may be known to the Vatican as a Catholic holiday, but the figure, known as “Poong Nazareno” is native to the Philippines. The figure believed to carry this miracle was originally a white Jesus who turned black because of a fire that occurred in a vehicle that brought him from Mexico. The statue is now placed in the Church of Quiapo and its celebrations.


He said, one of the easiest ways to distinguish Filipinos in a crowd was to call them via “sit-sit.” Yes, the strange method used to attract someone’s attention by using hissing rather than words is believed to be unique to Filipinos. Some experts interpret this as the need to be able to convey messages to others secretly.

Pointing lips

Pointing to using lips is also believed to be the uniqueness found by Filipinos to convey secret messages. Parents also forbid young Filipinos from pointing their fingers because they are believed to offend supernatural beings.

Visit The 5 Best Art Cities in The World

The beauty of works of art is not a bit of a proposition for
not tourists in choosing a vacation destination. And, not many cities in many
countries have been dubbed as amazing cities of art. Come on, take the time to
visit the 5 best art cities in the world, as quoted from The Independent.

Mexico City, Mexico

Visiting Mexico City will not discuss Casa Azul, the blue
residence location in Coyoacan, where Frida Kahlo lives with support, muralist
Diego Rivera. We will capture collections created from traditional pottery,
painted corsets Kahlo once used in the approved operation, and the mask of
death placed on the four-poster bed location.

And if you go to the southern suburb of Xochimilco Directions La Noria, there is a former residence of wealthy women entrepreneurs who have been processed into the largest museum that contains collections by Rivera and Kahlo.

Bristol, England

Bristol is the birthplace of a mysterious British street
artist, Banksy. Here, you can enjoy the streets in the city around. Also, we
can take a walk to the city of graffiti. There is Banksy Trail software that
can provide your guide to enjoying many iconic places without a guide’s

Come to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, if we prefer to
enjoy the artwork in the room. On the second floor, make it specifically for
the works of Bellini, Renoir, Cranach, Pissarro, Sisley, Hepworth, and Bomberg.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands receives not a few modern works of art, and
no city is better for family needs and close to all masters in Amsterdam. The
Rijksmuseum has a collection of around 2,000 18th-century paintings, such as
Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Frans Hals. And make you
connoisseurs of Rembrandt’s works, can visit the Rembrandt House Museum.

The painting Kahlo had used in an approved operation, and the mask of his death placed on the location of his four-poster bed. If you happen to visit Ajax Amsterdam in Netherlands, don’t forget to watch their match and put your betting in situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya to make the game more exciting.

Cape Town, South Africa

Africa’s sophisticated art world has developed in the past
five years and no more than Cape City. The city is the target of all the
biggest connoisseurs of art exhibitions in Africa, the Investec Cape Town Art
Fair (next year will be held on 14-16 February 2020).

Opening of The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art at the Waterfront in 2017 then replaced everything to be the most artistic. Using wheat storage designed by British architect Thomas Heatherwick, this is the largest public space on the continent, more than a century, and it is the largest African contemporary art museum in the world.

Vienna, Austria

The city that was born to artists such as Gustav Klimt,
Adolf Loos, and Egon Schiele, Vienna, Austria, has many galleries to explore.
You can enjoy the work of the best Austrian artists at the Leopold Museum at
MuseumsQuartier, which holds more than 5,000 works worth 575 million euros.

Innovative Female Artists, You Deserve to Follow on Instagram

For all art lovers, not a few who think that handicraft is a business that is increasingly fading now. One of them is painting. Because technology has already taken over. However, thanks to technology, the art world is growing more rapidly than before. In this new modern era business, art is one of the essential parts in their interior design. Many businesses are compete each other to be the most trusted and beautiful place, although they still compete for the best , but the art style become the first face that visitor will see.

Here are 8 women artists who were not affected by technology, which began to fade the art of hand painting. They consistently using old technique in their drawing.

Ramona Russu (ramona_russu)

Ramona Russu is from Brussels, and her work has been shown in well-known media publications such as Forbes, Elle, and Glamor. Her work tells a mysterious “black haired girl” story in a digital collage format with extra ink, watercolors, or manual acrylic.

Xaviera Lopez (xavieralopez)

Xaviera Lopez uses the power of black and white into her works, drawing Latina women who are persistent but vulnerable. She uses not a few combined media and uses so much digital art in motion that captures the people who watch his work.

Chloe Wise (chloewise_)

The Canadian female artist, named Chloe Wise, picked up all the ugliest elements of pop habits and turned them into beautiful, contemporary icons. She invented techniques to translate millennial emotions into his works.

Claire Luxton (claireluxtonstudio)

Claire Luxton is not just an artist woman. He is also an author and photographer who offers Photoshop tutorials and other Adobe applications. She often uses himself as an art medium with green-haired vixen and adorns his face with bandages and flowers and thick paint to create a unique selfie portrait.

Anne Bengard (anne_bengard_art)

The Berlin-based female artist, Anne Bengard, is proud of herself as a “coloring expert.” She created the art of painting with great results and realistic but using watercolor chalk (pastel).

Jo Chorny (peaceofpaper1)

Jo Chorny created works of art that began to fade in the computer age, namely pieces of paper. She establishes her most detailed work, fellow penguins, elaborate owls, and beautiful fairies. Her art of paper cutting is not too abstract, but it is his technical nature that creates art enthusiasts who are stunned to see.

Christina Mrozik (christinamrozikart)

Christina Mrozik creates detailed illustrations and prints that almost hypnotize you with their level of accuracy.

Guni (iguunii)

This digital artist is famous for her re-imagining of Disney princesses and princes she made, fairy tale figures found in the age of social media. Showing a touching side to everyday romantic moments passing through happy Disney icons. Starts from riding vespa by Aladdin and Jasmine, hugging in the rain by Ariel and her price, and so much more.

15 Filipino Artists Present The Best Work at Selasar Sunaryo

The Equator Art Project and Langgeng Art Foundation collaborate with Selasar Sunaryo Art Space proudly presenting a Buoy under Your Chair, an exhibition that shows the latest works of 15 Filipino artists. They are Jonathan Ching, Louie Cordero, Geraldine Javier, Keiye Miranda, Kitty Kaburo, Lena Cobangbang, Michael J. Munoz, Wire Tuazon, Yasmin Sison, Paulo Icasas, Paul Mondok, Ling Quisumbing, Mariano Ching, Christine Dy, and Mac Valdezco.

From the release received by Merdeka Bandung, the 15 artists in this exhibition were connected by their ties to Surrounded by Water (SBW), an art space that had been active in 1998 to 2002 in Manila, Philippines.

SBW was founded by Wire Tuazon in 1998 and managed jointly with fellow artists who were educated at the University of Philippine (UP) Diliman, Manila. As a showroom, SBW has established a reputation as a choice because it exhibits experimental works that are difficult to find in more established spaces in the Philippines.

Even though they no longer have showrooms and have never had a permanent membership, SBW is at the end synonymous with as many young artists who are still not infrequently exhibiting together and proposing collective projects.

For this exhibition in Indonesia, curators Tony Godfrey and Agung Hujatnikajennong asked ten core members of SBW to invite five other artists to participate. This idea is in line with the way they work when managing their space independently. Where the artists who exhibited at SBW were selected based on loose preferences but still indicated the spirit and artistic vision that they developed collectively, especially the tendency of powerful conceptualism in this generation of artists and a commitment to painting.

Some artists have lived for many weeks in Yogyakarta to proceed with space, material, and ideas or the problems they found around interacting directly with the local environment.

As happened in different countries in Southeast Asia, the emergence of independent or self-managed spaces initiated and run by young artists is a typical massive phenomenon in the late 1990s until the mid-2000s. But these days, the amount of space that survives can be counted on the fingers.

The title of the exhibition Buoy under Your Chair is desirable can be a way to negotiate the extent to which ‘classic’ issues such as resilience, continuity and togetherness or collectivity are still relevant these days, to the point that a collection of artists or independent art spaces can endure the times.

The exhibition will be held at Bale Handap, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space on October 14 to November 6, 2016, with opening hours from 10.00-17.00 WIB.

Traditional And Culture of The Philippines

Philippine culture defines interesting peculiarities of the Philippines from all worlds. Wealth inhabits it very contradictory and more prominent than other countries. The Philippines has many legacies of traditional art customs and spoken languages. The country has countless museums that collect accounts for the vast historical and customary changes of the nation with museum and gallery churches found in all of the Philippine Islands and found in key cities that are the opposite of the province.

Each province has a dance of its customs showing the elegant
style of Filipino dance and the beauty of its people. They also follow their
interesting traditions and have techniques for celebrating their customary
practices through parties and events. Filipinos naturally love art, and they
can reflect certain historical events through poetry paintings of songs and

Customary culture of the Philippines

Filipinos are accustomed to greeting. When younger people
meet older people, they often have to breathe back on older people’s hands as
respect. Young women in the Philippines when meeting older people must breathe
both cheeks as respect.

Some indigenous tribes in the Philippines have the most
common shaking techniques. When the greeting passes, they will turn and retreat
some steps. This means giving up an explanation that they don’t keep a knife on
their back. They see this as a very good and sincere greeting technique.

Most Filipinos hold the Roman Catholic religion and some
small embrace of Islam.

Filipinos are the most taboo number 13 because they are
perceived as “evil gods” who describe disaster and disaster. They are
also taboo about accepting and giving up something with their left hand because
they feel like dirty hands.

The Philippines was once a Spanish colonial area. Culture in
the Philippines mostly gets influence from Spain. In the Philippines do not
drink wine and shops are also prohibited from marketing wine.

Filipino dance

Filipino folk dance is called LAWISWIS KAWAYAN. This was
done for a Waray folk song that was already popular in all the Philippine

1. Tinikling dance

This dance originates from Leyte between Visayan islands in the central Philippines as an imitation of tickling birds which avoids bamboo traps decided by rice farmers. This dance mimics the movements of stimulating birds because they walk one of the grass stalks, takes place on a tree branch, or bamboo traps avoid being decided by rice farmers. Legendary dancers mimic bird tickling and speed by skillfully maneuvering between large bamboo poles.

A dance form that uses poles and fancy footwork. Usually,
the tinikling style is where two personal players use bamboo poles to hit,
press, and slide on the ground and against one another and together with more
dancers who step above and one of the poles.

2. Carinosa

Karinosa, which means love affection, is a Hispanic Filipino dance from Maria Clara, a Filipino dance suite, where fans or handkerchiefs play an instrumental role because they give couples in a scenario. This dance came from Panay Islands in the Visayan Islands and was introduced by the Spaniards during colonization they are from the Philippines. This is related to some Spanish dances like Bolero and Mexican dance Jarabe Tapatio or Mexican Hat Dance.

The music of Carinosa indicates a significant Spanish
influence for the Philippines. This is 3/4 in rhythm like some Spanish dances.
The Filipino Rondalla is playing this dance music where it is an ensemble or
orchestra of string instruments in the Philippines similar to Spanish musicians
in Spain which consists of bandurrias, mandolin, guitars, basses, drums, and

Initially, Carinosa was danced in Clara Maria and Barong
Tagalog dresses. But as Filipinos witnessed and imitated this dance, they wore
kimona patadyong and Camisa de Chino to express their love as a Filipino stage
and others were revised to make it more Filipino but the music did not change
at all and revealed Spanish Influence to the Philippines. As written by the
dancer FR book, Aquino can use the Balintawak style (native dress from Tagalog
area), camisa (white sleeve) or patadyong kimona (dress from Visayan people)
and use Tagalog barong boys and colored pants. Because it is a national dance,
all dancers can use any Filipino costumes.

3. Magical

It is a traditional dance from the Philippines where two coconut shells are ensured in the hands of all dancers and vests that depend on 4 or 6 coconut shell elements. Other players wear the dancers – all men – dance by reducing one coconut shell with another, sometimes in hand, sometimes, which is on the body, and sometimes tanks, all in times of drumming fast.

That was to impress the audience with the exceptional ability of dancers, and in some Martial Arts Philippines (FMA) circles, it was copied that maglalatics “consisted of traps and fists hidden in dancing.”

4. Pangalay (Daling Daling-or Mengalai in Sabah)

Traditional “nail” dance Tausug dance people from the Sulu Islands and Sabah. This dance is very Asian in all Southern Filipino dances because dancers must have dexterity and flexibility from the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Pangalay is carried out mainly around weddings or other party events. The equivalent of the male Pangalay is Pangasik, and the features are more self-defense, while the features of male and female dancers are called Pangiluk.

The indigenous concept of Pangalay was based on pre-Islamic
Buddhist ideas of male and female heavenly angels (Vidyadhari) as favorite
characters in other Southeast Asian dances.

5. Cagayan

The Filipino war dance carried out by both Maguindanao and Maranao with the dramatic techniques of the steps of their hero, Prince Bantugan, was picked up while wearing weapons, he tried hard and the subsequent victory after that. Performers, reflecting savage warriors who will carry shields with the noisemakers shell in one hand and double bladed swords in other movements rolling to defend their masters.

Cagayan Special Economic Zone – Casino Licencor

The ‘Cagayan’ name used by Casino company called First Cagayan Leisure the licencor for online gaming operations in Asia which based in Philippines.

Philippines Traditional Clothes

The official national costume is Filipino Tagalog barong.
The clothes for the boy in the picture are a barong. This is worn on a Chinese
collar shirt called Camisa de Chino. The child also wears a traditional
wide-waisted salakot hat, which is often made of rattan or reed.

The legitimate national costumes of the Philippines are
baroque women in me (= baro’t me). Baro is the top blouse. I am the skirt. They
look like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos! He is famous for wearing terno with his
butterfly arms. This is called “Maria Clara.”

Kel Cruz, Philippine Artists Painting Pixel Art Super Cool

Everyone certainly has its technique for creating an
artistic and fantastic work of art. Kel Cruz is one of those who has his
technique. This man from the Philippines has just shocked the world because of
the super fantastic paintings called pixel art he made.

Instead of utilizing modern technology such as computers or
gadgets, using contemporary color paint, Kel instead made each of his works
from simple materials around him. This is what creates his work so fascinating
and of extraordinary artistic value.

Quoted from the page, to create each of
his amazing works of art, Kel will use blood stains, tomato sauce, coffee,
pieces of masking tape, sticky note pieces to pieces of yarn. With the utmost
care, Kell will assemble every stain or part of an object into a stunning unity
of paintings.

This is among the works of Kel who are so admired and
controversial around this.

Kel created this Harley Quinn painting from his blood. For
making it, at least Kel takes about 3 to 4 days. Of course, this work is unique
to the attention of netizens even among the people, especially the Filipino

The works that have been obtained by Kel around at least
have brought their names to be known to the world. On some occasions, he was
invited to a local Philippines TV station. His Instagram account also continues
to be filled with praise and support from all netizens of art lovers.

Buy Affandi’s Painting at the Auction of Artwork Can Be
Through Applications

Indonesia will host the auction of artworks from five
countries on Saturday (3/12). A total of 154 works of art consisting of
paintings and statues will be auctioned at the Malinda Design Center (MDC),
Kemang, South Jakarta.

It was an auction job that had been re-implemented in
Jakarta after a high vacuum. In recent years, the work has only been routed in
Singapore. The artworks that will be exhibited and auctioned come from not a
few countries in Asia.

There are artists in the Philippines, China, Thailand,
Korea, and Indonesia themselves. In total there are 154 works.

This is one of the first art pieces from the Philippines to
set foot in Indonesia. Because of this, he provided a special session. “An
auction of exclusive works of art from the old Filipino master artist one time
in Indonesia. It is not easy to get a collection of works of art which are
including rare and weighty | weighted | this quality, “said Karyadi,
representative of 33 Jakarta Auction Specialists, reported by Antara.

One of the works that became the foundation of the Philippines
was a painting entitled Harvesting Fruits by artist Fernando Cueto Amarsolo.
Artists like Vincente
Silva Manansala, Roger San Miguel, and Isabelo Tampinco will also be highlighted.

They will be side by side with top artists from Indonesia,
like S Soedjojono, Affandi, H Widayat, and
Antonio Blanco and Basuki

From the name, their works are synonymous with exorbitant
prices. They have become a collection of top study room art lovers. But at the
auction tomorrow, according to information from Karyadi, there will be works
that are marketed at low prices. The goal is to be unique to the younger

“There are not a few choices from the work of young
artists too. But there are also those with great artworks at super cheap
prices. We are starting from Rp. 500 million,” said Karyadi.

For those who want to take part in the auction offer, they
do not have to come to the location. 33 Auction Specialist Representative in
Singapore, David Fu said, offers could be made over the telephone. Those who
are interested can also bargain with each other through the 33 Auction sites.

“Or you can also download the software via Google Play
or Apple Store,” said David. Thus, the auction of works of art is more
accessible to some people.

Choa Sweet Bitter Story of Philippine Brown Artists

Being an entrepreneur can be a life choice. Sometimes it may
be because of compulsion to stay alive. Wanting to live better, Raquel T. Choa
tried. He lives the simplest. Since he was young, he sold candles and
sampaquita to help parents.

12 years old,she has worked as kasambahay in Laguna, Philippines. The journey of the times she saw his life was “not far from chocolate.” He remembers learning to prepare and prepare chocolate from his grandmother, Leonila Borgonia, who works to market nanay. Philippines was number 6 country in terms of education across South-East Asia, although below Indonesia, Philippians are more open-minded. It proved that this country legalized gambling as one of the element to drive the nation’s economy. Be it Casino Online or Sportsbook, the government make regulations to benefit the country and especially the people, some of information circulating that many Casino companies want to expand their business to judi bola Indonesia which the people has similarity to Philippians.

it seems like enough to tell a little about the background of the Philippine’s economy. Let’s focus back to Choa’s journey. She remembered, at the age of 12, his grandmother had brought him away from Cebu to Laguna. “I’m not a phobia to work because I think I should work,” she recalls sadly.

“I have an electrical problem in the province, so I can’t see what I’m doing,” she added. From working as kasambahay, the money is used to return to Cebu. She wants to meet his parents. But it turned out that both of Choa’s parents owed to loan sharks and pledged their residence and land.

“They don’t leave home because they are needed to pay
off debts,” he said. This is the life where Choa has to work home to pay
off parents’ debts.

Chocolate business

7 years old has understood the concept of the table. Is a name for tablet chocolate snacks. She already knows the smell of chocolate even from far away. This is the basis for him becoming old chocolate to foster Ralfe Gourmet Chocolate Boutique business, where he started his business from 2010.

Like the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he wants to do his own chocolate business. At first, he didn’t understand the details. It’s just that Choa wants table business to make it survive. She then asked to be taught by grandma. Choa learned to create chocolate until how to create chocolate drinks.

In Choa’s pocket, there are 10,000 pesos and buy hundreds of kilos of cocoa beans. From there, she learned a variety of ways to create chocolate products, began to dry, fry, and produce seeds into various forms of processed products.

It’s not an easy matter to do business. The fear of cocoa beans is not sold in the market perch. She was afraid that the industry would not develop. So the brown beans will be wasted. For a chef to use chocolate, the quality of fresh seeds is indeed critical, so what is the solution for the Choa business now.

She remembers how a chef mocked. Calling his chocolate is dirty-chocolate. This is because the creation process still uses hands. But he remains confident about what the grandmother teaches because even Choa likes the production of hands directly more enjoyable.

Choa’s business is expanding. Luckily he was supported by his husband, Alfred, a mechanical engineer, and her business partner, Edu Pantino, who helped her steps until she found the nickname of people as brown ambassadors in the Philippines.

There is no secret in doing a chocolate business. She alludes to your passion and love. If you see something full of love. With a real company, he became old chocolate. The franchise offer flows from China or Taiwan, but he refuses.

“You give the best what you have,” she said. However, for the franchise, he chose not because according to information from Choa about the family and grandchildren in the future.

Passion business

Many people do not know that he was born poor. Imagine he only ate rice once a year, the rest ate corn and vegetables. She lives with Grandma at the location of the foot of Gunung Barangay. There she began to study farming, market vegetables, and cocoa beans. She is a cocoa farmer since his grandmother taught childhood.

She remembered walking through the river so he could go to school. Eager she can become an outstanding student at a school although she must study without lights because there is no electricity. She then lived and worked in Manila. Choa washed people’s clothes, marketed candles, sampaquita solely to survive.

In an article, she alludes never to regret. She never regretted being born poor. Choa was never tricky when she was little. Even declining because of that was an insistence on him to be able to do it now. That blessing he most appreciates any pleasure even a little.

“My childhood is exciting and joyful. My life is easy,
energetic waiting for summer to arrive. If this is not an element of my
childhood, then I will not be like I am now. The more you suffer, the more
powerful you will be,” said Choa.

This one entrepreneur is indeed the most optimistic. In her youth, Choa never aspired to be rich, and he only had dreams that he would work in offices and elements of a corporate company. She admitted she had never had an idea of running his own business like the past four years.

As a female entrepreneur, a businesswoman, then she
recommends that you stay motivated to run your new business. Never give up, you
have to try something new, failure will always follow success, and plant us the
opposite of ordinary people doing every day.

Make the product worth negotiating with and worth the money.
Make sure you always have a diversion. “If people continue to buy your
products, then you are on the right track,” suggested Choa.

Remember always to support the buyer. Give appreciation to customers. She noted: When you start doing business don’t think about competitors. Don’t be busy yourself observing trying to beat the game, but be more confident about your skills.

It will often be your limit with competitors. If you
concentrate, you will lose concentration because you will not often compete.
Focus on self-confidence that you are more unique. The market will be vast for
both of you if you believe. Look for differences and less practice to stand out

Choa assures you that business is not about having a pile of
capital. Put your confidence into an investment and passion becomes your

Business from zero

Because of the low-income family, Choa cannot buy milk. So
the source of their nutrition is only the chocolate they plant themselves. They
drink chocolate even though it is bitter without sugar. This becomes their
daily nutrition. Why is it bitter without sugar, it turns out the Choa family
has its philosophy, that sugar is not good for chocolate.

When she was 13 years old, she worked alone in commuting, then opened her canteen at the factory. Where she later met a friend at work at the factory. An entrepreneur Alfred Choa, who was 18 years old at that time. Being the location mother of the stairs she was still energetic, making her variety of chocolates from both hands.

In 2009, fires hit the location of their residence, and Choa ended the request to be taught to create a tableau. She then dressed up the garage, installed a billiards table, and marketed tableau and other chocolate products while she watched the renovation of his house.

Whatever you do your passion. Think of something interesting as unique as yourself. “It’s in your hands,” he said. Do something comes from the heart. Don’t you follow trends? Do anything to reach your happiness. That is what will appear in the result of your product.

Why choose the chocolate business? He commemorated the discussion with Edu Pantino. An Argentine who wants to collaborate with Choa. She knows that chocolate can be made something of his childhood.

This Argentinian challenged Choa about the Philippine pedestal product. Finally, she remembered his name as a “tableau” product. Long enough before opening a business though. Various ideas stuck until he met chocolate. Yah Choa is going to do business for a variety of chocolate products – including table – which starts in her garage.

“My treasure and opening a chocolate banquet in the garage where we live,” she explained. Choa does not only market pure chocolate. She provides a variety of foods, like pizza and pasta that are flavored with chocolate, of course. It did not take long to implement the idea of opening the all-chocolate business.

As the location mother lives the stairs, having eight children, it is usual for her to work in the kitchen. She was nervous about starting again considering the grandmother’s doctrine. With more intensive study back home he chased the gap. From one to two experiments he was able to make exciting products and delicious menus that he sold through his three businesses.

“This is not easy,” she added.

She made hundreds of kilos of a table for cooking ingredients to nearby hotels. Pantino helped her to the hotel as a brown technician. She gradually stated tableau as a weighted product weighted | national quality. Starting they broke through the international hotel network and made the art of creating chocolate declared the world.

Family business

Choa’s memory returned to the age of 8 years. She remembers the grandmother preparing tablea and making it a different delicious food in the little girl’s mouth. At that times she did not realize that the cocoa beans or cocoa were the main ingredients for creating sweet chocolate. “That is our breakfast each day,” she recalls.

When grandma states chocolate is a chop off their stomach.
And chocolate has good nutritional content. Choa paid close attention to the
information. So when he found a recipe for how to create a tablea embedded in
his mind.

She was later married to a businessman, Alfred Choa, aged 16 years and yearning for chocolate grew bigger. It was precisely when she became a resident mother and had eight children, the mothers of Michael Ray, Michelle Honey, Anthony, Jonathan, Hanna, Alfredo, Rose Angeline, and John Paul, and they even became owners of their own company.

Childhood is trying to create, and he is not a phobia of risk. She confidently picked up decisions at the company. He became a chocolate artist where chocolate flowed in his imagination.

“Success means doing good business. I do good things and so on,” she said.

The success of the tablea brings Choa’s vision to the future. She wants to export typical Filipino chocolate products into international commodities. The facts explained by Choa, which country found the first brown tree, namely when Spanish began wandering in 1670.

You already know that answer. Furthermore, the dream of this 36-year-old woman is how to make Filipino chocolate products worldwide. And if she wants to do that, he will bring more or less cardboard containing chocolate and bring it to the global market.

She concluded she would export chocolate. Not only brown bread ready to eat. But how does the typical Filipino chocolate taste spread to the world? “I never thought I would do business with chocolate now,” he added.

The Story of The Beggar Being a Painting Artist, Her Work Was Sold in a Matter of Hours

There are no impossible dreams. The
story of a homeless person in the Philippines has the name Jhalanie Mutuan to
prove it. Mutuan’s life journey is not a little he spent on the streets of
Manila as a beggar. But who would have thought he was now an artist who got
income from the paintings she made.

Quoted from
Elitereaders, Wednesday (7/27), she had been begging to be able to eat each
day. Until one day, she pursued dilapidated used art materials and those
affairs that stimulated his love of the art world.

Familiar artists will market their
artwork for a considerable amount of money, but Mutuan markets his paintings
for only Php 15 or USD 0.32 (Rp. 4,181). The reason is simple. She wants to
sell his paintings to meet the needs of his daily life.

The painting she sold under USD 1
was selling well. From her paintings, Mutuan gets more income compared to when
she begs on the streets.

Once, a netizen met Mutuan with her
works on the road, she was very impressed and impressed when she saw her work.
Then share the story on social media. Unexpected stories Mutuan went viral on
the internet. Not only that, the surprising thing happened, that is, help from
people also began to arrive. Not just giving her food but also helping to buy
ingredients to paint.

Coco Torre is an artist who works in
one of the art galleries, when she listens to the story of Mutuan from her
friends spontaneously she immediately has a brilliant idea to help showcase her
works. After weeks of searching for Mutuan, Torre finally managed to find him
on the sidewalk of Manila, right on his birthday!

They said to each other about the
idea of ​​an art exhibition, and even though Mutuan was skeptical, the end was
that he wanted to show off her paintings.

Coco immediately notified the art
exhibition she planned on social media. Unexpectedly hundreds of people landed
at A Space Manila for an art exhibition titled “Damgo Sa Kilid Dalan”
(Street Dream).

A total of 40 Mutuan artworks that
were shown were sold in a matter of hours. All proceeds from sales are handed
to Mutuan to the point where he can start painting again.

Mutuan spoke thats he wanted to be
able to return to her hamlet in Iloilo, central Philippines. Until now Mutuan
continued to paint and have other fantasies to be able to own a house, and if
it wasn’t too late, he wanted to keep and finish school.

The story of Jhalanie Mutuan can
teach you that “Passion will move people outside of themselves, beyond
their weaknesses, beyond their failure.” – Joseph Campbell.

The following is a video about
Jhalanie Mutuan that you can see:

Next, to The Dessert Museum, 8 Spots in Manila, Make Instagram More Cool

Dessert Museum, one of the most instagramable hits in Manila. Featuring exciting spots in the form of food dessert decorations such as various types of sweets, ice cream, marshmallows, and donuts. The exciting concept offered by this museum, it turns out can attract the attention of all visitors who are present both from within and outside the city.

Next, to the Dessert Museum, there are 8 spots in the capital city of the Philippines that you must visit. Especially for those of you who can’t get away from the camera. In addition to hits, the following spots can make your Instagram display even more fun. Hmmm, where are you? Come on. You visit directly!

Manila Central Post Office

This post office is located in Bonifacio Liwasang, not only the place of ordinary correspondence. Once the impact of World War II was destroyed, the Manila Central Post Office was rebuilt by the Manila City government in 1946. Now, the post office which has a neoclassical architectural style has become a hit location for tourists to visit. Not to send correspondence, but to make it a fun spot to take pictures.

[FinalTilesGallery id='11']


Well, Binondo is a Chinatown area in Manila which is the oldest China Town in the world. Established in 1594 until now, the Binondo area was a trading center between the Philippines and China. The distinctive Chinese nuance began to be felt with the existence of red lanterns along the main road of Binondo. Not only lanterns, here are not a few standing old buildings with typical Chinese architectural styles.

Venice Grand Canal

The city of Venice, Italy, is a romantic city that is synonymous with tourist canals. This has inspired many countries in the world to create replicas of canal tours in Venice as new tourist attractions in their country. So even with the Venice Grand Canal, which is located inside a common shopping center in Manila. Located at Mckinley Hill Garden Villas, Taguig, the Venice Grand Canal is a hangout location as well as a reasonably Instagramable photo spot in Manila.

[FinalTilesGallery id='12']

BGC Street Art and Wall Murals

Dedicated to public art programs, Bonifacio Global City or commonly abbreviated as BGC is a regional center for commercial work and entertainment in the City of Manila. In addition to the public art program, the existence of these murals as a place of creativity for young people to showcase their work. More or less 15 paintings adorn the walls near this street. And now, BGC Street Art is a mandatory hang out spot visited.

[FinalTilesGallery id='13']

Manila Ball Pit

Who says it’s only children who need a place to play and entertainment? Even adults. In Manila, there are small spots for adults who are now hit and crowded with visitors. Manila Pit Ball, its name. The cafe, which is equipped with a playground with the current concept, has a 20 square meter pop-up installation that is filled with not enough 80,000 white plastic balls. Inspired by successful foreign art installations in London and the United States. Ball Pit Manila, becomes a cafe as well as a fun little spot and can’t be missed.

National Natural History Museum

Just starting in May 2018, this natural history museum showcases its collections of anthropological objects, archeologists and fine arts. The uniqueness of this museum can be seen in its spiral DNA architecture. Not only add insight to tourists who visit. The spot near the elevator is where all the kids hit picking up photos. There is no entrance fee or free, to explore this National Natural History Museum.

[FinalTilesGallery id='14']

Fort Santiago

Despite its centuries, the fortress that was once useful as a fortress did not recede by the arrival of all visitors who wished to understand the place which was a silent witness to colonialism on Philippine land. The fortress that is still preserved is in addition to being a nature reserve, not a few who enter the name Fort Santiago as a small spot in Manila.

National Art Museum

This last spot is not less challenging than before. Located on Padre Bugos Avenue, this museum exhibits not a few works of art such as sculptures, and paintings that include paintings from familiar Filipino artists such as Guillermo Tolentino, Juan Luna, and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo.

Stylish neoclassical architecture, the National Art Museum was once destroyed by the effects of World War II in 1945. Until finally reconstruction was carried out in 1946. Now, the National Art Museum can be visited by anyone who is an art lover. Bro, this spot, the winding staircase in the picture, is a spot for portraits that all visitors subscribe to.

Now there were eight small spots in Manila next to the Dessert Museum that you can visit while here. Really for Instagram cheats right?